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Mediation is a process where two parties in a dispute work out their differences with the aid of a neutral third party (a mediator). In some mediations, there are no lawyers present. In others, each party is accompanied by a lawyer whose role is to advise their client as to his or her rights and obligations and to provide support.

At Shaughnessy Law, we are not only familiar with mediation as lawyers: one of our lawyers is a Florida Supreme Court-Certified Family Mediator, and can act in that role for you.

Hiring a mediator who is also a lawyer assures you that your mediation will cover all relevant matters in your divorce. Having litigated a number of contentious family disputes, Mara knows how to help her mediation clients avoid the kinds of pitfalls that can cause roadblocks and unnecessary conflict.

A Highly Trained Go-Between

In a mediation, the solutions come from you and are not imposed by anybody. The mediator is there to help you communicate and keep you focused, not to tell you what to do.

The point is for the mediator to help you find common ground and solutions that will fit your unique family situation.

As mediator, Mara may:

  • Act as go-between if the parties don't want to meet in the same room, meeting with each party in turn
  • Meet with the parties in the same room and keep them communicating effectively
  • Help parties figure out what they actually want, rather than focusing only on what the law says they are entitled to
  • Provide a neutral outside point of view
  • Suggest creative solutions that may not have occurred to either side
  • Help summarize what has been resolved in order to turn it into an agreement

A mediator cannot:

  • Act as lawyer for either side
  • Impose any decisions
  • Prepare the pleadings for the divorce if the parties come unrepresented to the mediation

All cases except uncontested divorces are required to go to mediation. Although some couples may treat mediation as a hoop to jump through before litigation begins, it's much smarter to take it seriously. Even if there are some insurmountable disagreements, it's always a good idea to get as many disputes out of the way as possible. This will save you time and effort in court.

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