Real Estate Lawyers For Brandon And Surrounding Areas

Buying or selling your home can be exciting, but nerve-racking, particularly for first-time home buyers or people new to the area. Getting a mortgage or refinance can also be confusing and intimidating.

At Shaughnessy Law, our lawyers can help make the experience go more smoothly and efficiently. We will ensure that you fully understand your purchase, sale or mortgage, and answer your questions. We will also handle any complications that arise, and make sure that the deal you make — and, if you're buying property, the property you end up with — is what you intended it to be.

A Smooth Transaction

Our attorneys will:

  • Review your contract of purchase and sale to ensure that everything is in order and it's structured fairly for you
  • Review your mortgage with you and answer your questions
  • Perform the necessary administrative tasks to facilitate the legal aspects of your sale
  • Ensure that there are no defects with your ownership, and warn you if there are any defects in the title of the property that cannot be cured
  • Identify issues that may cause you legal and financial issues if not fixed before closing
  • Fix any issues that can be fixed, such as clearing material title issues
  • Discuss title insurance
  • Represent you at closing
  • Act as title company for your closing

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