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Can I get the rings back after divorce?

No one gets married thinking they will eventually get divorced. However, things change, and good relationships can deteriorate over time. If divorce is on your mind, you may be wondering whether there’s a chance you can recover the expensive marriage or wedding ring...

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Four signs of a coming divorce

As a couple signs their marriage certificate, the last thing on their minds is the possibility of getting divorced. However, despite their best intentions, many married couples still get a divorce. When divorces are more common than you may expect, it is essential to...

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5 types of Florida alimony

If you are going through a divorce, you may have concerns about the money you will need to support yourself and your children. But beware, Florida’s divorce laws do not guarantee alimony as part of the divorce decree. However, there are several types of alimony the...

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Can I move with my child after my divorce?

After your divorce is final, situations may arise that require one parent to relocate. Family circumstances and job opportunities sometimes require a move. Military members often need to move frequently.  Florida law requires a parent to get court approval if he or...

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What are the benefits of divorce mediation?

Deciding to divorce is one thing, but as you begin to move through the process you’ll come to grips with just how much you have to do. While some divorcing couples assume that litigation is the only way to get through their divorce, there’s another option: mediation....

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4 key advantages to divorce mediation

Many people move toward the divorce process with one thing in mind: litigation. As a result of their circumstances, they don’t see any way in which mediation is possible. Even if you and your spouse are not speaking and at serious odds in regards to your relationship...

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