Tips for an amicable divorce settlement

Florida is a no-fault state, so you do not need any wrongdoing to file for divorce beyond declaring the marriage irretrievably broken. This often results in amicable divorces where both parties agree and negotiate the settlement.

Unfortunately, even amicable divorces face challenges when it comes to dividing assets.

Know what matters to you the most

When you start negotiating with your spouse to divide up assets, think about what is most important to you. For example, if keeping the house is important to you, think about what concessions you can make to ensure that. Know what you are willing to fight for and what you are willing to let go of. This prevents unnecessary squabbling over assets that do not really matter to you in the long run.

Be mindful of your emotions

Emotional reactions are a challenge in a divorce, even when things are amicable. As this life stage comes to an end, it is natural to feel a sense of loss and hurt. You may want to dig in your heels in negotiation due to hurt feelings, or you may lash out and say something you do not actually mean. These things can hinder your settlement progress. Be mindful of your emotions and strive to leave them out of the settlement process.

Hostile litigation is not inevitable with divorce. When you negotiate in good faith and have legal support to guide you through the process, it is easier to complete an uncontested divorce. Avoid court litigation for a faster, easier divorce process.