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Compassionate Guidance Throughout Planning For The Future

Like divorce, wills and estates law is something that many people would rather not deal with. Working in this area requires compassion and empathy, and appreciating that for many of our clients, we are seeing them at one of the sadder points in their lives.

A key point in estate law is to help testators carry out their wishes in the event of death or incapacity instead of leaving it to chance. It also requires the ability to work efficiently and to understand how to get our clients through either estate planning or administration cost-effectively.

Planning And Carrying Out Your Wishes

At Shaughnessy Law, our lawyers can offer compassionate, efficient services for clients planning for the future, including:

  • Last will and testament: Letting Florida decide how to distribute your assets and take care of your family may lead to nasty consequences. We can help you draft a will that takes care of your family and is clear enough to avoid complications or disputes.
  • Living wills: Nobody wants to think about becoming incapacitated and unable to make decisions, or communicate them. A living will ensures that if you are ever in that situation, your loved ones will know what decisions you would like to be made on your behalf.
  • Trusts: We will discuss revocable and irrevocable trusts, and the benefits of each in terms of shielding assets from creditors, litigants and estate taxation.
  • Durable powers of attorney: If you are incapacitated, a durable power of attorney lets you choose someone to act in your place and to make decisions about finances and property. If you do not choose someone, your family may have to apply for guardianship for you, which can be expensive and time-consuming, and may lead to someone you do not trust being chosen.

We can also help you if you are administering an estate. We understand that for most people, this is the first time they are dealing with these tasks, and that they are often doing so through their mourning and grief. We can help you navigate through the probate process, whether the estate you are administering is simple or complex, and whether you are working with a will or not.

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