Four signs of a coming divorce

As a couple signs their marriage certificate, the last thing on their minds is the possibility of getting divorced. However, despite their best intentions, many married couples still get a divorce. When divorces are more common than you may expect, it is essential to reflect on your own marriage to see if you are in any danger of facing a divorce soon.

It is possible for spouses to prevent a coming divorce. The key to avoiding divorce is identifying the warning signs of one. Here are four signs that your marriage may be heading toward a divorce:

Constant fighting or bickering

If you find yourself getting into frequent or intense arguments with your spouse, it may be a symptom of a larger issue between you two. Regular arguments about minor issues could be a sign of extreme stress in your spouse.

An increase in marital intimacy

Many people may think that a lack of marital intimacy is a sign of a coming divorce, but the opposite can also be true. If your spouse is suddenly increasing your rate of intimacy, it may be because of guilt from an affair, or they may be trying out new things that they learned outside of your bedroom.

Avoiding your spouse

If you find your spouse making regular excuses to be alone, it may be because they are trying to avoid you. These excuses can range from staying longer at work, running more errands during their free time, or spending time with friends.

Financial changes

One of the most common steps in preparing for divorce is separating finances. If you notice that your spouse has started depositing their paychecks into a new bank account, has opened new credit cards, or is finding other ways to hide money from you, they may be squirreling away funds to prepare for a divorce.

Don’t ignore the signs

If you suspect that your marriage is heading toward divorce, make the decision now to either prepare for divorce or fight to fix your marriage. Inaction will not solve your problems or make them go away, so take the proper steps to achieve your goals.